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The power of a bank + modern SaaS technology

An illustration showing the distinct layers in Griffin's stack. From top to bottom: brands embedding finance, fintech ecosystem, Griffin platform, Griffin bank.

Banking as a Service

Direct banking for fintechs

Operational accounts

Credit and lending

Data-driven partnership

The Griffin difference

  • No more piecing together infrastructure from a dozen different providers. We're the one-stop shop for bank accounts, payments, cards, and more.
  • Onboarding takes days, not months, with our frictionless self-service setup. Pay-as-you-grow pricing means no surprises and lower upfront costs.
  • Our KYC/KYB technology and in-house expertise make it easy to manage risk with real-time visibility on your customers and their transactions.
  • 100 customers or one million, retail or business – whatever you're building, our platform is designed to scale with you.

API-first and developer focused

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  Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8 {
    "legal-person-type": "corporation",
    "display-name": "Example Fintech Limited",
    "created-at": "2022-08-31T12:14:14.631Z",
    "application-status": "accepted",
    "latest-decision": {
      "decision-notes": "No red flags",
      "decision-outcome": "accepted",
      "created-at": "2022-08-31T12:14:59.402Z",
      "decision-maker": "automatic"
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Griffin is built for

  • UK fintechs

  • EMIs & PIs

  • Wealthtech firms

Streamline customer onboarding with Verify

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  1. Customer onboarding

  2. Support from domain experts

  3. Reporting and insightsComing soon

  4. Transaction screeningComing soon

What our customers say

Our goal has always been to solve problems for consumers using technology that makes running their lives and businesses easier.

We are thrilled to partner with Griffin to replace manual processes with simple, innovative technology that delivers value to customers. We're growing fast, and Verify is poised to help us safely and efficiently take on new customers at scale.

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