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The power of a bank + modern SaaS technology

An illustration showing the distinct layers in Griffin's stack. From top to bottom: brands embedding finance, fintech ecosystem, Griffin platform, Griffin bank.

Banking as a Service

Direct banking for fintechs

  • Operational accounts

  • Credit and lending

  • Data-driven partnerships

The Griffin difference

API-first and developer focused

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GET /v0/legal-persons
  Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8 {
    "legal-person-type": "corporation",
    "display-name": "Example Fintech Limited",
    "created-at": "2022-08-31T12:14:14.631Z",
    "application-status": "accepted",
    "latest-decision": {
      "decision-notes": "No red flags",
      "decision-outcome": "accepted",
      "created-at": "2022-08-31T12:14:59.402Z",
      "decision-maker": "automatic"
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Griffin is built for

  • UK fintechs

  • EMIs & PIs

  • Wealthtech firms

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