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At Griffin, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of conduct, and we strive to deliver excellent outcomes for our customers. That doesn’t mean we are immune to making mistakes or poor decisions, which could potentially have an impact on our customers.

If that happens, you can make a complaint.

How do you handle complaints?

We handle complaints related to our regulated activities in line with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) rules and guidance.

We handle complaints about our non-regulated activities based on the terms and conditions of the relevant product(s).

We’re committed to assessing and investigating every complaint we receive promptly, diligently, and fairly.

How do I complain?

If you need to make a complaint about Griffin’s products or services, you can do so by emailing us at, or by any other reasonable means. If you would prefer not to communicate via email, please let us know so we can accommodate you.

When will I hear from you?

We will acknowledge your complaint in writing within three business days.

When will my complaint be resolved?

We’ll try to fully resolve your complaint within ten business days.

If we can’t resolve your complaint within ten business days, we’ll update you with an expected timeline. This could be up to fifteen business days for complaints about payment services, or eight weeks for other complaints.

Once we’ve investigated, we’ll send you a formal written summary explaining our response (this is called our “final response”). Our final response will do one of three things:

  • accept the complaint and offer redress or remedial action if appropriate; or
  • offer redress or remedial action without accepting the complaint; or
  • reject the complaint and say why we are rejecting it.

We only consider your complaint resolved once you have accepted our final response in writing.

What if I’m not satisfied with your response?

If you don’t accept our final response, you can escalate your complaint to our Senior Independent Director (who is a non-executive director on our board). They’ll independently review your complaint and how we handled it. Then, if appropriate, they will act as intermediary on your behalf and work with us to find a better solution.

If you remain unsatisfied with our response, you can refer complaints about bank accounts, payments, and other banking services to the Financial Ombudsman Service. You can contact them through their website:

(This information will also be included in our response to your complaint.)

Can I forward complaints from my customers if I think Griffin is at fault?

Yes, you can. When we receive a forwarded complaint, the first thing we do is assess whether we are responsible or not (either solely or partially).

If we don’t agree on who is responsible for which parts of the complaint, we’ll reach out to you and try to come to an agreement.

Once we’re agreed, we will handle the complaint (or the parts of it for which we are responsible) using the process detailed above.