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Wholesale lending to grow your business

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Getting a loan

A focus on secured lending

We're aiming to provide capital to firms in the following spaces:

  • Consumer finance (secured)

  • Point-of-sale finance

  • Salary finance

  • SME lending

  • Tax finance

In general, we look for places where we can clearly understand and model the ultimate credit risk.

Custom solutions

  • Limits are set case-by-case and range from £1-10M

  • Rates also vary, but we aim for 10-13%

  • Senior, super senior, revolving and amortising structures

We expect to be able to offer better rates for customers of our Banking as a Service products.

Why work with us?

  • We know the industry well and leverage data to back up our lending process.

  • We provide a smooth and transparent underwriting journey.

  • We aim to offer better rates than other banks and can move fast to help your business grow.

Overdrafts on your terms

  1. Flexible funds

  2. Support your cashflow

  3. Manage your costs

*EAR means Effective Annual Rate. It lets you compare our rates with other overdraft products. EAR is calculated by adding an interest rate margin to the current Bank of England base rate. It does not include any fees or charges.