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Hello, we're Griffin

We’re the bank for companies who want to build and launch financial products.

Who we are

Griffin is the UK’s first full-stack Banking as a Service platform. We’re here to help make it quick, simple and inexpensive for companies to embed financial services into their own products.

We do the heavy lifting on complex infrastructure and compliance requirements, so you can focus on what matters: creating a world-class experience for your customers.

What we do

Banking as a Service. Integrate with Griffin via simple APIs to embed bank accounts, payments, and more into your products.

Simplify compliance. Our financial crime prevention products help you automate and streamline key compliance processes and meet your regulatory obligations.

Direct banking for fintechs. When you build on Griffin, you also get access to operational accounts, overdrafts, and structured lending products.

Why work with us

We’re the bank in Banking as a Service. When you build on Griffin, you’re building directly on the secure and regulated infrastructure of a UK bank.

We’re API-first and developer-centric. We’re focused on getting you up and running fast with modern APIs, clear documentation and a free sandbox to test drive all our products.

We’re a full-stack solution. Get all the building blocks you need to launch your product on a single regulated and vertically-integrated platform.

We’re built for scale. We offer transparent pay-as-you-grow pricing and a flexible, resilient platform designed to scale with your business.

Our team

We've brought together a powerhouse team of talented and experienced leaders from across the banking, finance, and technology sectors.

Our culture

Our culture is our most important asset. We safeguard it by hiring the right people and being transparent about what matters to us.

Annual reports

Browse our reports for an overview of our financial performance, strategy, and operations.

Read our blog

We love talking about what we do. Find out what's going on at Griffin and get our team's insights on banking, tech, design and more.

Sustainability policy

We've made our internal sustainability policy public in line with our core value of transparency.

How we write

We like to be straightforward and transparent in everything we do – including how we write and communicate.