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Check if you're eligible for a Griffin account.

At launch we'll be a new bank, and that means we won't be able to support everyone right away. This page has a transparent list of businesses we won't be able to work with. We'll be reviewing this as time goes on and will probably make changes in the future.

This list is not exhaustive. We may have other reasons not to open an account for you beyond the factors listed here.

If your business is based, registered, or a tax resident outside of the UK, we may not be able to offer you an account right now.

Business types we support

You'll be able to apply for an account if you're a registered limited company by shares (Ltd) based in the UK, and you:

  • have an active status on Companies House (we can't support dormant companies);

  • have an active company director (not disqualified) on Companies House; and

  • are a tax resident in the UK, and no other countries.

Business types we can't support right now

  • Partnerships, including Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)

  • Limited companies by guarantee

  • Charities

  • Public Limited companies (PLC)

  • Clubs or other non-registered organisations

  • Trusts or funds

  • Other registered business types, like an unlimited company (Unltd), industrial and provident society (IPS) or Royal Charter (RC).

We plan on offering accounts to some of these business types in the future. If you belong to one of the above, please reach out and we can see whether engaging makes sense.

Industries we can't support

Certain industries are riskier for us to support. This is due to historically higher levels of crime within the sector as well as the chances of reputation damage for us.

In future, we might offer accounts to some of these industries. We appreciate this is disappointing for some businesses at the moment.

  • mining and quarrying

  • weapons manufacturing and selling

  • dating or escort services

  • precious metals and stones

  • unlicensed scrap metal

  • unregistered waste management

  • shell companies

  • illegal or unlicensed drugs

  • used automotive vehicles

  • cannabidiol products (CBD)

  • certain types of manufacturing

  • public administration and compulsory social security, including things like defence, immigration services and foreign affairs.

  • extraterritorial organisations and bodies, such as the United Nations

If your industry isn't mentioned above, you can apply for an account with Griffin. Be aware that the above is just a guideline and we cannot guarantee that we will open an account for you based on these criteria alone.

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