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Build, test and iterate with the sandbox

Build your next financial product in our sandbox, with free unlimited access to all our banking and compliance functionality.

Portrait of Nkechinyere Ogueri-Onyeukwu
Nkechinyere Ogueri-OnyeukwuTuesday 22 November 2022

“We’ve built a complete prototype of our UK offering using just Griffin’s sandbox. The modern architecture, simple API and superior documentation has been a breath of fresh air, allowing us to build and iterate fast.”

Anurag Singh, Developer, ProMEX

Choosing a banking partner is a mission-critical decision for early-stage fintechs‍—‌but too many banks hide their technology platforms behind NDAs, fees, and endless sales pitches.  At Griffin, our mission is to make it efficient and easy to build and launch financial products. This is why we're excited to announce our new and improved sandbox is out of Beta and available today!

What you can do with Griffin’s sandbox

The sandbox is a mirror of our production environment where you can simulate and test out the features of our BaaS platform by creating API keys or using our intuitive UI. You can also experiment with the full stack of products -  from banking to financial crime prevention.

Currently, the sandbox allows you to:

  • Run KYB/KYC verification checks on your customers with our newest product Verify (available today!)
  • Create operational bank accounts for your organisation
  • Create segregated bank accounts for your customers (safeguarding or client money)
  • Make payments to external accounts
  • Make transfers between internal accounts
  • Add new payees
  • View payments and transactions

ProMEX uses Griffin’s sandbox to build a fintech app

ProMEX is a Hong Kong based fintech that provides a digital marketplace for trading carbon credits. After success in Hong Kong, the company was searching for a banking partner and technology platform to build a UK prototype without financial commitment or long sales cycles. That’s when they discovered the Griffin sandbox.

Using Griffin’s sandbox, ProMEX was able to:

  • Customise KYC workflows and test decisioning accuracy
  • Offer its customers bank accounts (with visibility to carry out pre-trade checks and settle trades instantly)
  • Simulate payments between buyers and sellers

“We believe by building and testing our MVP on Griffin’s sandbox, we will significantly reduce the time and resources needed to secure funding, launch the product, and drive adoption in the UK market.”

Guido Glowania, CMO of ProMEX.

ProMEX is now able to engage key stakeholders and investors and prepare their expansion plans and go-to-market strategy. Read the full case study.

Streamline customer onboarding with Verify

Verify is our end-to-end onboarding solution that lets fintechs automate checks on new customers, such as identity and verification (including biometrics), PEPs, sanctions and adverse media screening, anti-fraud, and more.

You can reduce the risks associated with onboarding new customers at scale while creating a quick seamless experience for your users. In the sandbox, you can simulate running checks on limited companies, individuals and sole traders. These features can be easily integrated into your products  with our well-documented APIs.

Getting started

To start using the sandbox, go to on your browser and sign up.

Griffin's sandbox user interface (UI)

Helpful guides and resources

  • 📖 Documentation → read our API guides, or follow the UI guides
  • 📮 Postman collection → get to know the API very quickly with our pre-built collections

Give us feedback

We are constantly adding new features and making platform improvements. We want your feedback to help us deliver more value to the fintech community. You can get involved and shape our roadmap by: